Annabeth Chase Percy Jackson and The Olympians DIY Costume

Annabeth Chase (Disney+ Percy Jackson and The Olympians) costume

Do you want to make an Annabeth Chase costume from the latest Disney+ Percy Jackson and The Olympians adaptation? We show you how with our easy step-by-step guide.

Annabeth Chase is a demigod and daughter of Athena, the Greek goddess of wisdom and courage.

In the books, Annabeth is described as having curly blonde hair and striking gray eyes. She is also a natural-born leader with a particular skill for complex problem-solving.

Annabeth’s abilities include superhuman agility, tactical intelligence and superior hand-to-hand combat proficiency.

Together with her friends Grover Underwood and Percy Jackson, with whom she develops a deep and eventually romantic connection, Annabeth must traverse the complex world of Greek mythology.

Together, the trio of demigods fight to bring order and stability to the Greek gods, their children, and wider humanity.

Annabeth Chase Costume Guide

Annabeth Chase (Percy Jackson and The Olympians) costume guide

Buy Annabeth costume items:

  1. Purple denim jacket
  2. Green cargo pants
  3. Denim shirt
  4. Yellow basic T-shirt
  5. Leather messenger bag
  6. Medieval sword belt
  7. Medieval dagger

1. The Jacket: Annabeth wears a short corduroy jacket in a dark claret color. A purple denim or corduroy jacket will work best for this costume.

2. Pants: Add a pair of military or cargo-style pants in a dark green finish.

3. Shirt: Under her jacket, Annabeth wears a denim shirt in a mid-wash. You may want to lightly fray the hemline of your shirt to achieve a similar effect.

4. T-shirt: The third and final layer of this Annabeth Chase costume is a basic yellow tee or jumper.

5. The bag: Annabeth has a leather messenger bag that she wears across her body and on her left hip.

6. Knife and sheath: Annabeth Chase’s dagger is made of drakon bone and was given to her as a gift by Halcyon Green. Complete the look with a medieval-style sheath and sword belt.

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