Grover Underwood Percy Jackson DIY Costume Guide

Grover Underwood DIY cosplay

Wondering how to make a DIY Grover Underwood costume from the new Disney+ Percy Jackson and The Olympians series? We show you exactly how with our easy step-by-step outfit guide.

Grover Underwood is introduced as Percy Jackson’s protector as he navigates the treacherous world of Greek mythology, filled with vengeful Gods, demigods, and monsters.

The two form a close bond and, together with Annabeth Chase, set about bringing peace and order to the twin worlds of Gods and humans.

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As a satyr (a mythical creature with the upper half of a human and the lower half of a goat), Grover has a close connection with the natural world. He is able to communicate with other animals and traverse the natural wilderness with relative ease.

As well as helping Percy, Underwood is on a personal quest to find the lost god Pan (Lord of the Wild) and prove to the satyr community he is still alive.

Despite being of a naturally nervous and anxious disposition, Grover proves to be a loyal and dependable ally. His value is shown countless times as the trio attempts to overcome the many challenges before them.

Grover Underwood Costume Guide

Grover Underwood (Percy Jackson) costume guide

Buy Grover costume items:

  1. Royal blue rain jacket
  2. Light khaki cargo pants
  3. Camp Half-Blood t-shirt
  4. Cosplay elf ears
  5. Hair clip horns
  6. Curly costume wig

1. Jacket: In the latest Disney+ Percy Jackson adaptation, Grover wears a stylish windbreaker with flap chest pockets. A waterproof jacket in royal blue is a great option for this look.

2. Pants: For our Grover Underwood costume, we chose a pair of regular cargo pants in a light khaki. These have the same utility pockets and baggy fit as those worn in the show.

3. T-shirt: You have a couple of options for the shirt. Option 1: a plain and basic yellow Tee (which you might already have at home). Option 2: a stylish ‘Camp Half-Blood’ shirt.

4. Accessories: Cosplay elf ears make the perfect addition to this Grover costume. Just note, our recommended pair runs a little big, particularly for a child’s outfit.

Purchase a pair of small horns and your cosplay is almost complete. If you would prefer to make your own horns (for greater cosplay accuracy) consider checking out his quick and easy DIY horn guide from Instructables.

5. The wig: Finish your Grover Underwood costume with a short curly wig in dark brown or black.

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