Hera Syndulla (Ahsoka) Cosplay Guide

Hera Syndulla from Ahsoka costume DIY

Syndulla is one of the most skilled and decorated captains in the Rebel Alliance. As a member of the humanoid Twi’lek species, she is also instantly recognizable thanks to her flawless green skin and two head-tails. That makes the Hera Syndulla cosplay costume a particular favorite amongst Star Wars fans. With a new role in the live-action TV series Ahsoka, we’re sure her popularity is only set to grow.

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DIY Hera Syndulla Costume

Hera Syndulla costume guide

Buy Hera Syndulla cosplay items:

  1. Hera Syndulla costume
  2. Hera Syndulla headpiece
  3. Steampunk goggles (optional)
  4. Green face and body paint
  5. Blue contact lenses

A great Hera Syndulla cosplay is really easy to make at home with just a few purchases.

There are a number of Hera Syndulla (and Twi’lek in general) costumes online but one of the best places to start is Freelay’s Syndulla captain costume. This set comes complete with a faux leather jacket, gloves, pants, and belt.

Next, for the headpiece (and the distinctive Twi’lek head-tails) you really have two options – the easy way or the hard way. If you want to make an easy Hera Syndulla cosplay for a last-minute event or Halloween party, we recommend the complete replica Syndulla headpiece from Todollcos on Amazon.

Alternatively, if you prefer to make your own props, check out the brilliant Twi’lek DIY costume video from Mitternacht Cosplay. Here she shows you how to make your own headpiece using cosplay foam and leather fabric. If this is the route you choose to go down, we also recommend the highly-rated vintage steampunk goggles from Weichuan.

Finally, to complete your Syndulla costume, you are going to need a generous amount of green face and body paint. Meicoly is well-regarded among professional cosplayers for its long-lasting coverage and sensitivity to skin (being made of non-toxic ingredients with a hypoallergenic formula).

You may also wish to include a pair of blue contact lenses if you are comfortable using them. We recommend ‘Cold as Ice Blue’ lenses from colouredcontacts.com. All their lenses are fully FDA-approved and certified safe for use. However, remember eye safety is the most important factor here. If you are not comfortable using contacts then feel free to avoid them, your Hera Syndulla cosplay will still look fantastic!

About Hera Syndulla

Hera Syndulla was first introduced in the animated TV series ‘Star Wars Rebels’ where she featured in more episodes than any other character. As the captain of the starship Ghost she plays a pivotal role in the early stages of the Rebel Alliance following the events of Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith and preceding Star Wars Episode IV – A New Hope.

She is a skilled pilot and proficient leader with strong loyalty to the rebels and the fight against the Galactic Empire. It is yet to be seen how pivotal her role will be alongside Asohka but we have a feeling (given her strong fan base) she will continue to feature prominently.

What species is Hera Syndulla?

Hera Syndulla is a member of the humanoid species, the Twi’lek, who are native inhabitants of the planet Ryloth. The Twi’lek race has been featured throughout Star Wars canon and the wider Legends universe. Notably, the Twi’lek first featured in Star Wars: Episode VI – Return of the Jedi with the majordomo and Oola both being seen alongside Jabba the Hutt in Jabba’s palace.

They have also proved pivotal to the Rebel Alliance, where a number of Twi’lek have made names from themselves as skilled pilots, spies, and diplomats.

Their distinctive look is defined by two head-tails (known as lekku) that extend from the back of their head and their broad range of skin colors. Although Syndulla’s skin is lime green, the Twi’lek have a range of other skin tones with red, blue, and yellow among those we have seen so far.

Overall, the Twi’lek are an important species in wider Star Wars lore and we expect to see much of them with Syndulla’s inclusion in Disney+ live-action series Ahsoka. There has never been a better time to dust off your lekkus and put on your best Twi’lek costume.

Who plays Hera Syndulla in Ahsoka?

Hera Syndulla is played by Mary Elizabeth Winstead. Winstead already has some serious Star Wars pedigree behind her considering she is married to none other than Obi-Wan Kenobi (Ewan McGregor).

The role of Hera Syndulla is in safe hands with Mary Elizabeth Winstead who has already proved her acting chops with blockbuster movies such as 10 Cloverfield Lane and Harley Quinn: Birds of Prey. She is also no stranger to the small screen with prominent roles in the likes of Fargo and Love, Death, and Robots.