How to Dress Like Your Favorite Animal Crossing Characters

Animal Crossing is a video game that transcends boundaries. Like many of Nintendo’s most beloved franchises, Animal Crossing is not just for gamers. Its appeal is universal.

An expansive cast of colorful and loveable characters keeps us coming back to our dream island or village retreat time and time again. 

Now it’s time to bring the magic of Animal Crossing into the real world with some of the most hilarious and creative costume ideas you’ve ever seen.

From Tom Noook to Isabelle to Gulliver and beyond, make your dream cosplay with our step-by-step DIY guides.

Tom Nook costume



We start our Animal Crossing Costume Collection with everyone’s favorite property mogul and business mastermind, Tom Nook.

Sure, he’ll help you get a foot on the property ladder and start your island or village life but you better believe he’ll be calling those bells in when the time comes. You better start collecting some bugs because this is one raccoon you don’t want to mess with.

In all seriousness though, Tom Nook is a hilarious and easy costume idea that you can make with as few as four accessories, perfect for a last-minute party.

Isabelle costume



Isabelle is a yellow anthropomorphic dog and your personal assistant throughout Animal Crossing. As loyal and loveable as any good pupper, Isabelle has won over the hearts of players around the world with her cheery and forever optimistic personality.

Isabelle is also one of the most popular Animal Crossing costume ideas ever. We show you how to make one of the most adorable outfits ever in as few as five steps. 

Also, could we interest anyone in a Tom Nook and Isabelle couple’s costume? Maybe that’s just what the world needs right now!

Gulliver costume



Everyone’s favorite explorer has washed up on your shores once again. Gulliver loves to traverse the seven seas but he does have a nasty habit of ending up cast away. His tales of adventure are dubious at best but he does bring a sense of whimsy and fun whenever we’re lucky enough to run into him.

This is another fun and easy Animal Crossing costume idea. This time, putting a unique spin on the tried-and-tested sailor outfit. Dress like an intrepid seagull and see what the world has to offer!

Ankha costume



When it comes to building a civilization, Ankha is about as helpful as you would expect a talking cat to be. This Egyptian good dreams of better times, when her ancestors were treated like royalty with fresh fish and unlimited petting on demand. Nevertheless, she does have unique insight into the world of high-fashion and beauty and we can respect that.

Ankha’s character design is one of the most recognizable from Animal Crossing, making this a super popular costume idea.

From the most beautiful Egyptian-themed dress to all those gorgeous accessories, this is how you make one of our favorite outfits of all time!

Brewster costume



It’s a full-time job keeping the residents of Animal Crossing properly caffeinated but Brewster handles it with grace and aplomb. Proprietor of The Roost, the introverted Brewster serves his clientele with a quiet dignity that feels a world away from the hipster brewers we have all grown accustomed to.

His sharp waiter outfit speaks to his gentlemanly character. This is a great excuse to get dressed up while also showing your funny side.

Dress like Brewster with our step-by-step costume guide and become the envy of your Animal Crossing friends.