Its serving dignified gentleman with our hilarious Brewster cosplay from Animal Crossing

Brewster cosplay

How To Dress Like Brewster

As the proprietor of The Roost, Brewster has his work cut out keeping the villagers of Animal Crossing caffeinated enough to go about their busy business. Nevertheless, Brewster does it in style and sophistication, focusing on keeping his beak clean and serving his customers the best coffee island/village life has to offer.

From how to make the best waiter’s outfit to where to get a Brewster buddy all your own, we show you everything you need to make the funniest costume possible.


Brewster (Animal Crossing) costume guide

1. VEST – We started with a simple black waiter’s vest. This is a particularly easy, Last-minute Animal Crossing outfit to make because of how readily available all his accessories are.

2. SHIRT – Next, add a regular dress shirt with black buttons.

3. BOW TIE – Brewster is nothing if not a man of class. No boring old tie for him, instead we have a stylish satin bowtie.

4. APRON – A bistro apron (or chef apron) is the next essential accessory for this Brewster cosplay.

5. PLUSH – Are you Brewster’s #1 fan? Then this adorable little plush is just the merch for you!

6. SLIPPERS – As an anthropomorphic pigeon, Brewster has distinctive pink feet poking out from beneath his chef apron.

7. GLASSES – Finally, a pair of thick round frame glasses will give you that distinguished and slightly cliche barista look.


Brewster is a beloved Animal Crossing character, known for his role as a chirpy barista and cafe owner.

He is depicted as an anthropomorphic pigeon who typically wears a waiter’s vest and bowtie. You can normally find him working away at his aptly named cafe, The Roost.

His personality is calm and reserved, happy to politely serve customers his signature coffee. Several special events take place at The Roost, such as “Brewster’s Coffee” in Animal Crossing: New Leaf, where players are tasked with brewing coffee for other villagers.

More DIY 'Brewster' Cosplay Ideas

Brewster is what we all wish baristas were really like. None of this indie, alternative lifestyle spiel. He is a dignified gentleman with aristocratic mannerisms and the outfit to match.

This Brewster cosplay is a fun and unique cosplay idea that is also super easy to make at home. Be sure to check out the rest of our Animal Crossing Costume Collection, as well as more of our favorite homemade outfits on Pinterest!