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Take your adventure to the seven seas as the hapless Gulliver from Animal Crossing

Gulliver cosplay

How To Dress Like Gulliver

Gulliver is a seagull with the heart of a trued adventurer. We always look forward to the day he washes up on our shores to tell us yet more whacky – and totally reliable – tales from his travels abroad.

Seriously though, this is an awesome costume idea and a unique twist on the tried-and-tested sailor outfit. Using just 5 simple accessories we spill all and show you how to make one of our favorite Animal Crossing cosplays.


Gulliver (Animal Crossing) costume guide

1. SAILOR COSTUME – Gulliver is a well-traveled sea dog with a curious habit of finding himself washed up on the player’s beach. Brave the rough seas with a vintage sailor suit all your own.

2. FACE PAINT – There are a few duck/seagull costume beaks available online but honestly, they all seem to be lacking in quality. Instead, we recommend getting a good face paint palette and painting your own beak!

3. SHOES – Ratchet up the comedy factor of this Gulliver costume with some oversized duck feet. Hilarious and comfy? Yes, please.

4. SOCKS – Skip leg day and get yourself a pair of yellow tube socks to recreate Gulliver’s bird legs.

5. GLOVES – Finally, add a pair of white gloves and your super easy DIY Gulliver outfit is ready!


Gulliver is a mainstay of the Animal Crossing franchise, known for his seafaring adventures and tendency to was up on the player’s island or shore.

He is a quirky character who tells outlandish tales about his adventures but frequently confuses historical events or people. The question is, how much can we truly trust Gulliver?

Whether you believe his stories or not, Gulliver is a whimsical and well-loved character who makes for a funny and truly unique costume idea.

More DIY 'Gulliver' Cosplay Ideas

Like all seagulls, Gulliver is unable to deny the allure of the open ocean. An adventurer at heart, we respect Gulliver’s worldly outlook and whimsical storytelling.

Gulliver is a fun and unique Animal Crossing costume idea that we would love to see people taking more advantage of. With only 5 accessories needed, its also a super easy outfit to make at home.

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