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Dress like the most adorable personal assistant ever as the classy and stylish Isabelle from Animal Crossing

Isabelle cosplay

How To Dress Like Isabelle

Like any good doggo, Isabelle has a heart of gold, unwavering loyalty, and a personality you could just fall in love with. We couldn’t ask for a better personal assistant to guide us through Animal Crossing life. 

This is one of our most popular Animal Crossing costume ideas ever. Need we say why? It is so easy to make an incredible Isabelle outfit at home with just a few accessories. From her adorable sweater vest to the cutest beanie we could find, this is everything you need to make the cutest cosplay imaginable.


Isabelle (Animal Crossing) costume guide

1. SWEATER VEST – We started this adorable homemade look with a super cute plaid sweater vest.

2. SHIRT – Next, add a formal, short-sleeved shirt. You are the island’s main representative after all.

3. FACE PAINT – Use a regular face paint palette to draw on Isabelle’s black nose and rosy cheeks.

4. BOW TIE – A vintage satin bow tie gives Isabelle a touch of Southern class.

5. SKIRT – A pencil skirt in black, charcoal, or navy rounds out this savvy businesswoman’s formal attire.

6. TAIL – This yellow fox tie is literally the perfect accessory for any Isabelle costume.

7. HAT – Finally, the cutest little beanie you could ever hope for rounds out our outfit.


Isabelle serves as the player’s personal assistant and secretary in Animal Crossing, offering valuable information and assistance, as well as managing various aspects of town and island life administration.

First introduced in Animal Crossing: New Leaf on the 3DS, Isabelle quickly became a fan-favorite character thanks to her cheery and helpful disposition. In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, she took on more responsibility as the island’s representative, alongside the player.

More DIY 'Isabelle' Cosplay Ideas

Isabelle is a yellow dog with floppy ears and the friendliest expression you could ever hope to see. How could we not be filled with joy every time we run into her?

This is a super popular Animal Crossing costume idea with good reason. an Isabelle costume is super easy to make at home, even for a last-minute party, and it is just one of the cutest outfits we have ever made! 

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