Retire to an idyllic Animal Crossing island getaway as everyone’s favorite retail and property mogul

Tom Nook DIY costume

How To Dress Like Tom Nook

Guiding you through the world of Animal Crossing is Tom Nook, a savvy businessman and entrepreneur with a flourishing retail and estate empire. Don’t be fooled by that adorable face or tired eyes, Tom is as sharp as they come so you better start collecting those bells for him.

This is an easy and funny costume that anyone can make. From the best Tom Nook shirt to his bushy tail, we show you everything you need to make the best cosplay possible.


Tom Nook (Animal Crossing) costume

1.  TOM NOOK SHIRT – This is a quality cosplay shirt and the perfect place to start this super easy cosplay. Size runs a little large so don’t worry about ordering a size up.

2. SHORTS – Add a pair of khaki shorts or 3/4 length for that laidback castaway vibe.

3. HAT – Next, an adorable Tom Nook hat really ties this whole costume together. Alternatively, you could simply paint on Tom’s raccoon mask with some black face paint.

4. BAG – Being a property mogul comes with its perks. You are going to need somewhere to keep all those millions of bells safe.

5. TAIL – Finally, add a fur tail and you’re ready to start wheeling and dealing like a furry boss!


Tom Nook is portrayed as a tanuki (raccoon dog) although his exact species is left somewhat ambiguous. As a savvy businessman, Tom is the owner of the town’s general store and, in later installments of Animal Crossing, a retail mogul with his own successful agency.

He provides the player with their first home upon starting the game and even a generous loan to help get set up. As the player finds their feet so too does Tom Nook, expanding his inventory and land acquisitions. Good to see our hard-earned bells are going to good use, ey Nook?

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Animal Crossing is a classic lighthearted and fun Nintendo game that’s accessible to everyone, even those who don’t typically play video games. As your guide through the world of Animal Crossing, many players feel a close affinity to Tom Nook (even while he is fleecing you for every bell you can gather).

This DIY cosplay is super fun and easy to make at home, making it a fantastic option for a last-minute costume party. Still looking for more ideas? Check out more of our favorite homemade Tom Nook outfits on Pinterest! And don’t forget, we have many more ideas in our Animal Crossing costume collection.