Show The Doctor who the real boss of time and space is (Hint, there’s only one companion it could be!)

Donna Noble cosplay

How To Dress Like Donna

We’ve had our fair share of amazing Doctor Who companions over the years. However, Donna Noble stands tall as one of the most ferocious, brash, and unapologetically bold companions of all time. Catherine Tate was never going to play second fiddle to no Doctor, she was his equal in every sense.

As part of our Doctor Who Companion’s Costume Collection, we show you how to dress just like Donna for the perfect cosplay. From her chic leather trenchcoat to the perfect, fiery red wig, this is everything you need.


Donne Noble (Doctor Who) costume guide

1. JACKET – Donna wears a stunning leather pea coat to rival the Tenth Doctor’s iconic trenchcoat. She never was one to play second fiddle, even to The Doctor.

2. SHIRT – Coat aside, the rest of Dona Noble’s costume is fairly modest. She wears a worn burgundy tee dress under her jacket.

3. NECKLACE – Add an understated necklace on a slim chain.

4. JEANS – Like Rose Tyler before her, Donna is a fan of the casual look. Any pair of denim jeans will work perfectly well for this cosplay.

5. UNDERSHIRT – Just poking out from Donna’s burgundy tee we can see a light purple undershirt.

6. WIG – Finally, just like Amy Pond, Donna is the perfect cosplay option for all you natural redhead Doctor Who fans out there. If that’s not you, we recommend this quality wig.


Donna Noble (played by Catherine Tate) first appeared as a one-off companion alongside the Tenth Doctor (David Tennant) in the 2006 Christmas special episode “The Runaway Bride”. After she is mysteriously transported into the TARDIS on her wedding day, she must assist The Doctor to thwart an alien invasion of Earth.

She later returns in the fourth series (2008) as a full-time companion. Donna remains a mainstay of the series until the two-part series finale “The Stolen Earth” and “Journey’s End”. Though she helps The Doctor to defeat the Daleks, he is forced to wipe her memory, leaving her with no recollection of the extraordinary adventures she has been on.

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Donna Noble was a companion who really knew how to put The Doctor in his place. Full of fire and determination, Donna was not afraid to make her thoughts heard and we love her for that!

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