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Travel through time with one of the Doctor’s most popular companions of all time – Amelia Pond

How To Dress Like Amelia

Who is your favorite Doctor Who companion of all time? For those that loved Matt Smith’s tenure as the 11th Doctor that’s an easy call: Karen Gillan’s Amy Pond. Her resilience, sharp wit, and boundless sense of adventure even from a young age made her an obvious fit for The Doctor.

As part of our Doctor Who Companion’s Costume Collection we look back to a time and space when Amy battled the terrifying Weeping Angels, faced and forgot the architects of humanity The Silence, and confronted the unimaginable; the death of The Doctor.


Amy Pond Doctor Who DIY costume

1. JACKET – Amy often wears a lightweight leather bomber jacket in dark brown. This is a great Doctor Who accessory that can also be worn every day.

2. TOP – Next, add a plain red tank top with a scoop neck.

3. SHORTS – This Amy Pond costume is so easy because so much of it is just everyday items. You might already have a pair of denim shorts that would work perfectly for this look.

4. CAMISOLE – Under your burgundy top, layer a sand or nude-colored camisole that should poke out just a little at the base.

5. TIGHTS – Amy is not a fan of showing her bare legs and she frequently wears sheer tights like these.

6. BOOTS – Now we’re talking! Any excuse to wear an adorable pair of cowgirl boots is a plus in our books. 

7. WIG – Amy Pond is a great cosplay option for all you natural redheads out there. Otherwise, a long wavy wig (or temporary hair dye) could be a good idea to round out this outfit.


Amy Pond (portrayed by Scottish actress Karen Gillan) first appeared in the fifth series of the rebooted Doctor Who alongside the Eleventh Doctor (Matt Smith).

The first time The Doctor encounters Amy chronologically is as a child after crashing his TARDIS into her back yard. Amy invites The Doctor to inspect a mysterious crack in her bedroom, which is actually a hole in time and space and a serious threat. 

The Doctor promises to return in 5 minutes to fix the problem. However, due to unforeseen circumstances, he actually takes 12 years and returns when Amy is already a woman.

Amy concludes her time in Doctor Who in the seventh series after the Weeping Angels send her and her husband back in time and The Doctor is unable to save them. The gravestones of Amy and Rory are found side-by-side in a New York graveyard, indicating that they led a full life together.


1. VEST – To recreate Amy’s typical British police officer costume, we started with a plain black tactical vest.

2. PATCHES – Add a sew-on police patch to the back and left lapel. Don’t worry if it’s not perfect. Amy was only working as a kissogram after all!

3. SHIRT – Under your tactical vest, wear a plain white dress shirt with a loose fit.

4. TIGHTS – Like the above Amy costume, add a pair of sheer pantyhose to protect your modesty!

5. TIE – Ideally you want a chevron tie (traditional width) but any checkered tie or neckerchief will work just fine.

6. SKIRT – A pencil skirt might not be the optimal clothing for chasing down bad guys but optics are more important than functionality, right?

7. HAT – A traditional bobby’s hat with a wide brim, checkered border and officer’s badge.

8. TACTICAL BELT – This belt is particularly handy for holding your pepper spray and truncheon (or makeup and keys when attending a Halloween party).

9. CUFFS – Finally, no bobby should go anywhere without her trusty pair of handcuffs. 


When Amy first encounters The Doctor as a child, she mistakes him for a police officer. Upon his return 12 years later, Amy is shown wearing a typical British police uniform?

However, all is not as it seems as it is revealed that Amy is in fact working as a kissogram. We just want to know where she got the genuine handcuffs and truncheon.

Being mistaken for a police officer becomes something of a running gag during Amy’s tenure alongside The Doctor, with her spouse, Rory Williams, also later mistaken for a policeman. 

More DIY 'Amy Pond' Costume Ideas

Amy Pond is one of the most beloved Doctor Who companions of all time. Matt Smith and Karen Gillan had big boots to fill when they took over the mantle from David Tennant and legendary companions such as Rose Tyler and Donna Noble but they did an incredible job.

Both Amy Pond’s typical clothes and police officer uniform are iconic outfits that would make for fantastic cosplay options. However, we’ve barely begun to scratch the surface.

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