How to Dress Like Rose Tyler from Doctor Who

Rose Tyler costume ideas (main)

Do you want to make a Rose Tyler cosplay or Halloween costume? Despite originally joining the Doctor almost 20 years ago, Rose remains one of the most beloved companions to this day.

We look back at some of Rose’s most iconic outfits from fan-favorite Doctor Who episodes The Empty Child, Journey’s End, and Doomsday. As well as showing you how you can make each costume for yourself.

Rose Tyler (played by Billie Piper) was the first companion to join the Ninth Doctor (Christopher Eccleston) when Doctor Who was officially relaunched in 2005. She remained the Doctor’s companion during his transition to the Tenth Doctor (David Tennant) and has made several guest appearances in the years since.

Rose is first introduced as a young woman in London who works as a shop clerk. She first encounters The Doctor (who is traveling solo at the time) after narrowly escaping a group of murderous mannequins controlled by an alien force known as the Nestene Consciousness.

Rose officially gives up the mantel as The Doctor’s main companion in the season 2 finale “Doomsday“. Here, both the Daleks and the Cybermen threaten to close a rift between dimensions and cause untold destruction to multiple worlds. Rose makes the difficult decision to stay behind in a parallel universe with her family to help close the rift and prevent further destruction.

As the first companion of the relaunched Series, Rose holds a special place in the hearts of many Doctor Who fans. Over the years, Rose has worn a number of iconic and instantly recognizable outfits. These are our favorite nostalgia-inducing costumes and how you can make them yourself.

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Doctor Who Rose Tyler Costume Ideas:

Rose Tyler (The Empty Child) outfit guide

The Empty Child” Outfit

Buy Rose Tyler costume items:

  1. Union Jack T-shirt
  2. Bell-bottom denim jeans
  3. Lightweight green jacket
  4. White sneakers

In Season 1, ep.9: “The Empty Child“, Rose Tyler wore one of her most iconic outfits from her time on the show. Rose’s Union Jack shirt was a staple of early 2000s fashion and reminiscent of the famous Union Jack dress worn by Geri Halliwell (Ginger Spice) of the Spice Girls. The beauty of Rose Tyler’s shirt is that it is really the only accessory you need to make this costume work.

Add a lightweight khaki parka or waterproof jacket, a pair of blue bell-bottom jeans, and some white canvas sneakers and you have yourself Rose Tyler’s costume from “The Empty Child“.

Rose Tyler (Journey's End) Doctor Who outfit guide

Journey’s End” Outfit

Buy Rose Tyler costume items:

  1. Purple leather bomber jacket
  2. Black bell bottom jeans
  3. Light purple tank top
  4. Ankle booties
  5. Gold hoop earrings

Another famous Rose Tyler costume, Billie Piper wore her purple leather jacket during the Doctor Who season 4 double: “Stolen Earth” and “Journey’s End“.

You will want a dark purple bomber-style jacket as they have a shorter length than standard leather jackets. Underneath, she wears a dark pink top. It seems Rose loves a pair of bell-bottom jeans as all of her iconic outfits feature them. Fortunately, looser-fitting bell bottoms and flairs have come back into fashion in a big way, so a pair of black bell-bottom jeans will serve you well. Not only for a Rose Tyler cosplay costume but for everyday wear too.

Finish your outfit with a cute pair of booties and some subtle gold hoop earrings. That’s really all there is to the Rose Tyle “Journey’s End” outfit.

Rose Tyler (Doomsday) outfit guide

Doomsday” Outfit

Buy Rose Tyler costume items:

  1. Zip-up knit sweatshirt
  2. Black bell-bottom jeans
  3. Gold hoop earrings
  4. Black undershirt
  5. Canvas sneakers
  6. Retro 3D glasses

Rounding out the list of our favorite Rose Tyler costume ideas is this cute ensemble from Doctor Who Season 2, ep.13: “Doomsday“. To make this Rose outfit for yourself, you will need a pale blue, zip-up sweatshirt, bell-bottom jeans (surprise, surprise, a black undershirt, canvas sneakers, and gold hoop earrings.

We also highly recommend getting yourself a pair of retro blue-and-red 3D cardboard glasses. Part of the charm of Doctor Who is how they envision distant and exotic realities on a minimal television budget – epitomized here by the use of such outdated ‘technology’.

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