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Be worshipped like an Egyptian goddess dressed as the stunning Ankha from Animal Crossing

Ankha cosplay

How To Dress Like Ankha

What would it feel like to have a talking cat as a fellow villager on your deserted island? Would they chip in with the chores, administration, and daily challenges that arise from island life? Or, is it far more likely that they would look at you like muck on their paw and spend all day preening themselves? Ankha definitely falls into that latter category.

Ankha is a very popular costume choice for fans of the Animal Crossing series. If you’ve ever dreamed of dressing up like an Egyptian pharaoh, this could be the look for you. From the most beautiful dress to the perfect Cleopatra necklace, we show you everything you need.


Ankha (Animal Crossing) costume guide

1. DRESS – A goddess like Ankha needs a dress fit for an Egyptian Queen. Introducing this beautiful two-piece ensemble, evocative of the kinds of clothing Cleopatra has been depicted wearing.

2. WIG – Add an Egyptian-themed wig with a straight fringe and clean lines. In a deep and irresistible blue just like Ankha’s hair.

3. NECKLACE – This ‘Cleopatra’ necklace is nearly identical to the one Ankha wears and just perfect for this particular costume.

4. ARM SLEEVES – Next, you will need a pair of blue sleeves or cuffs.

5. LEG SLEEVES – In addition to a matching pair of leg sleeves. Trust us, compression socks are ideal for this look.

6. CAT EARS – An adorable pair of furry cat ears really ramp up the cuteness of this DIY Ankha costume. Plus, these ones in blue go perfectly with our recommended wig.

7. HEADPIECE – Show everyone who the real Queen of Animal Crossing is with an ornate snake headpiece.

8. TAIL – Finally, add a tail as an optional extra and you can consider yourself every bit an Egyptian goddess!



Ankha is a popular character in the Animal Crossing series with a snooty personality. She is an Egyptian-themed cat dressed like a pharaoh. 

Due to her personality type, she can come across as arrogant and self-centered. However, she is happy to engage with the player in conversations about fashion, lifestyle, and beauty. Something we can certainly respect!

Ashka’s unique costume design and personality – which we feel is exactly what a talking cat would be like – have made her a hugely popular Animal Crossing villager.

More DIY 'Ankha' Costume Ideas

Ankha is exactly what we would expect a humanoid cat creature to be. Obsessed with high-fashion, superficiality, and with a longing for better times when she was worshipped as an Egyptian goddess.

This Ankha cosplay is actually a super popular choice for Animal Crossing lovers. The blend of Egyptian influences with the game’s whimsical charm makes it a perfect combination of adorable and sexy.

Looking for more ideas? Check out more of our favorite homemade Ankha outfits on Pinterest!